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Video Saturday #2 – MoviesFoundOnline

And it is Video Saturday again! Or it was about 2 hours ago. Time passes quickly. Today I’d like to recommend two websites to you, though, rather than just make you watch YouTube videos.

The first site is called and lets you watch many movies online. They have really old movies and also some new ones.
Here are some examples:

Al TV (2006)
George Carlin: Jammin’ in New York (1992)
Primer (2004)

The second site is called Here you can watch all sorts of TV shows online (streaming), like these:

Babylon 5
Dark Angel
Dead Like Me
MTV Unplugged
The L Word

Enjoy. (And leave a comment.)


Linkage #2: Visual Tricks

This is what I do with my free time, while really I should be reading and stuff. But no, I look up photos of visual tricks, like this one:



Music: Quick, while it’s still Christmas!

One thing that always annoys me about Christmas is that you can already hear Wham’s Last Christmas on the radio when you buy something in the supermarket at the end of November. The Christmas music keeps on playing and playing until Christmas is over. But actually, once it actually is Christmas – in my definition from December 24th to the 26th – Christmas music is actually bearable. And so I would like to share a few songs with you, quickly, before it’s too late and you have to wait for another year.

These I find quite nice (they’re all in MP3 format):

The Polyphonic Spree – Carol of the Bells (at Megaupload)
Macy Gray – Winter Wonderland (at Megaupload)
dakesh york – beethoven moonlight sonata (at Megaupload) — This is not really a Christmas song, but I think it fits anyway. Calm and beautiful.

Enjoy! And leave a comment. :)


Video Saturday #1 – Sarah Bettens, Woodface, Bright Eyes

I’m thinking about making this a recurring section in my blog. Video Saturday, so I can share some YouTube videos regularly without feeling bad about using my blog to share YouTube videos. If that makes any sense, hehe.

Anyway, I went to a Sarah Bettens concert this Monday, December 10, at the Brotfabrik in Frankfurt am Main. It was very cool.

I used to be a big K’s Choice fan several years back before they took a break to pursue solo projects. I felt that their solo projects were not anywhere near as good as anything they had done in K’s Choice. I don’t know why, but Sarah Bettens ended up writing really lame lyrics, even though her lyrics in K’s Choice were really good, especially on the later CDs.

This is a snippet from her song FINE from the CD Scream (which is only $9.98 at

Here’s one reason to be sad
Half of us have nothing and the other feels too fat
but this is not the the time and place
to crucify the human race
there’s a massive hight to ride
I’m keeping my eyes open wide

The songs are better live, though.
The last song she performed at the Brotfabrik was I Can Do Better, which I had never heard before and which impressed me greatly. She performed it alone, her band was sitting at the side of the stage snipping their fingers. Before she launched into the song she told us that they had about 40 CDs left for this show and that they couldn’t bring them into Switzerland tomorrow (I wonder why that is? Does anyone know?) and so among the 400 people at the show, if only one in ten bought a CD, they’d sell them all. “Or,” she went on, “if one in 5 bought 2.” Eric Grossman, her bass player (see his MySpace page if you don’t detest MySpace as much as I do), corrected her, though, saying, “It’s one in twenty, Sarah.” “One in twenty?” she said and then blamed it on the German numbers being confusing or something. It was funny, but I guess you had to be there..

So, here’s Sarah Bettens’ I Can Do Better, coming to you straight from YouTube and making me wish she’d release a Blues record sometime:

As for Gert Bettens, his solo project is called Woodface and his CD is a complete bargain at, you can buy it at for 61,99 EUR. (That’s only 4,77 EUR a song…)

Here’s the relatively nice Woodface song Are You Ready To Sing?:

Also, here’s a cool K’s Choice song called Believe from way back when:

Lastly, here’s another song that my favorite co-worker recently told me about. It also has a very sweet video. I bring to you: First Day Of My Life by Bright Eyes:

Now here’s some more linkage to more YouTube videos you might or might not enjoy:
K’s Choice – Shadowman (live) (Jan plays the eBow!)
K’s Choice & Skin – Not An Addict (live) (from back when Sarah Bettens used to look like Lady Di)
K’s Choice – Mr. Freeze (music video)
K’s Choice – Everything For Free (music video)
pv2000 YouTube channel (with more Woodface/Sarah Bettens)

For those who don’t detest MySpace:
Woodface on MySpace
Sarah Bettens on MySpace
Eric Grossman on MySpace
Koen Victor Lieckens on MySpace




I just finished reading the book Monster: The Autobiography of an L.A. Gang Member, and I’m glad I did. Finish it, I mean.

Monster Kody Scott is recruited into a gang (the Crips) when he’s 11 and he mostly describes in his book how that went and how they “dropped bodies”, i.e. murdered people. Mostly other gang members. Often times he compares his gang activities to the Vietnam war or his gang to the military, and while at maybe two places he hints at feeling a slight bit of remorse for murdering people, in general he glorified gangs more than anything else.

He writes about time spent in jail. At some point, I got the idea that he wanted to be seen as a morally superior guy for the fact that he kept one of his cell mates from sodomizing the other one, although he silently tolerated all the torture he had put him through before that (severly beating him, peeing on him, making him eat soap, etc.) Yeah, wow, what a great guy you are, Kody.

In the end he meets a Muslim in prison who tells him that “New Africans” should stick together and fight against the white oppression and so forth, and again I thought to myself what a moron Kody is to listen to that guy’s reasoning. Sure, I do believe that blacks still get discriminated against in the US and I’m strongly against discrimination. But this guy’s reasoning was that “human” has the word “hue” in it, which means colored, and so only colored people are real people. White people mutated, degenerated, and they’re just a “kind of man”, a.k.a. as “mankind”. O-kay, whatever gets the gangster off the streets, I guess… I’d like to hear his reasoning in German, though.

So, the book got on my nerves and Kody Scott’s writing got on my nerves and his reasoning and justifications and so forth. I do not recommend this book.