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Video Saturday #24 – Voice Actors

On this Video Saturday I want to show you some videos of voice actors. It’s amazing what they can do with their voices.

Let’s start with some Simpsons voice actors. Hank Azaria is cool!

Next up, more Simpsons. Did you know that Bart Simpson is voiced by a woman?

And more Simpsons, this time with Yeardley Smith (who was also in "As Good As It Gets", by the way).

And The Guy Of 100 Voices:

And Billy West does Futurama voices:

Enjoy and please comment!


Rambling: I have a good excuse!

Hello readers! In case you’re wondering why I haven’t written, I do have a good excuse. I moved. Yep, I sure did. I moved into my own apartment and only got internet yesterday. It’s DSL and I am very enamoured with it. It’s fast and I can talk on the phone at the same time and download stuff quicker than you can say “holy mackarel, that was fast!” – simply put, I’m pleased with it!

So just in case you were eagerly waiting for a blog entry (just pretend, okay?), I’ll be back to Video Saturday and Music Monday now! Yay! *cheering*


Video Saturday #23 – Slam Poetry

Hello you wonderful people reading my blog! You may be wondering, why on earth haven’t I written in an eternity?! Well, I moved. Yes, indeed, I’m among the lucky people with an apartment now and it didn’t have its internet built in so it might take another week or two until I’m back online, so to speak.

Anyway, today’s Video Saturday is about Slam Poetry, so here you go:

Claudia Alick – Employed Poor

Alix Olson – America’s On Sale:

Ani DiFranco – Grand Canyon:

Scorpio Blues – Second Guessing:

Shannon Matesky – My Space:

And one in German by Nadja Schlüter:

Enjoy and COMMENT!