Rambling: Echo on Skype – Solved

Since I received a lot of positive feedback about my earlier post on the Sony Vegas “black screen” problem, I figured I’d also publish the solution to my Skype problem.

This is what happened. I always used Skype on my laptop until very recently, when I tried to get it to work on my desktop. So I called a friend and she complained very loudly about the fact that she could hear her own echo and it was freaking her out. A word of advice: get used to your own voice – it’s not nearly as bad as you think.

So I could hear my friend okay, and she could hear a very loud echo. I have a Realtek soundcard, and I found a post on the Skype Forum that explains how to solve the echo problem. That didn’t seem to help, though.

Now, if you’re REALLY not paying attention as some people on the forum, your problem might just be that you’re not using a headphone and your friend hears their own echo. But I will assume that you’re smart and you would know that. So this is, I think, what helped me:

So, I used to have the above option switched to “6CH Speaker”, since I have a fancy 5.1 Surround Sound System, and I think that caused some sort of feedback. If it’s switched to “Headphone”, the echo disappears on the other side and your friends will talk to you again. ;)
If you refuse to use headphones, this option might help:

And if any of this helped you at all, don’t forget to comment!


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