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Shoe shopping

I got me a nice pair of shoes on April 3rd, 2008. That’s pretty much exactly a year ago. I wore them until it got cold enough for winter shoes. What can happen in one year? This happened:

Shoes falling apart

They are falling apart on the inside. Uncomfortable.

Maybe it’s not the wisest idea to buy a pair of shoes for 20 EUR?

So as I was forced to go shoe shopping again (which is NOT an activity I like very much), I decided to try to look for something of higher quality. After much looking and hesitation, I decided on these shoes:

Esprit shoes

Esprit shoes. Click for a larger image.

They were 49,95 EUR. I wonder if they’ll last any longer…


MyZeil – Pretty, but not waterproof

MyZeil - The new shopping mall in Frankfurt am Main.

There’s a spankin’ new shopping center in Frankfurt am Main that is called MyZeil and that turns heads with its, say, peculiar architecture. As you can see in the picture above, it has a hole, and the glass roof twists and turns into a fancy looking glass tube.

(Click to enlarge.)

(Click to enlarge.)

Now I bet you are imagining all kinds of exciting possibilities of where this glass tube could end, you’re thinking maybe a fish tank, maybe a little garden, maybe in an open air cafĂ© or something? Ha! You wish. It ends in this beautiful scenery, and please do click on the image to enlarge it and look closely:

(Click to enlarge.)

Yes. It ends in an ugly weird box and concrete and some dirt and cables in the background (not really visible in the photo). Nice. Millions and millions spent in fancy architecture that draws your attention to dirty concrete. But with this the question arises – and I have heard many ask – “So, what happens when it rains?” You want to know what happens to an architectural gem that has cost millions… when it rains? This:

(Click to enlarge.)

In my opinion, this is more than just a little embarassing.


Treat yourself

Breakfast at Starbucks

Chocolate Chip Cookie (1,60 EUR) and Grande Caramel Macchiato (4,20 EUR)

Sometimes you have to treat yourself to something good.
I like to treat myself to a Grande Caramel Macchiato, and yesterday I also got me a chocolate chip cookie. Yum.


My Tomatos

I know you’re all amaingly interested in seeing my tomatoes grow…

An animated gif of my tomatoes - wicked!

I watered them exclusively with the Blumat, and between the last two pics I was away for a few days. That’s why they suddenly grow so much! And just in case you still want to know EVEN MORE about my tomatoes: those right of the Blumat are cherry tomatoes, the left ones are big tomatoes.


Blumat – Watering the plants by itself

I like plants. I really do. I especially like watching them grow and I like it when they’re green, and what’s better than to grow your own tomatoes? They grow fast, they don’t need all that much care, and you can eat the fruit of your efforts (or vegetable rather) before they die in winter and the whole thing can start again in spring.

However, as it goes, I’m not always in my apartment every weekend or holiday, so I’ve been looking for a solution of watering my plants while I’m away. And I found one.

It’s called Blumat and I bought it off of the German website and after about two weeks of using it I can say that it works like a charm. Here is how I set it up at the moment (click for a large picture):


On the left you can see the plastic thingy with my tomatoes in them and on the right you can see my cocoa plant. I was worried about the latter since there isn’t much soil in there, but with a little effort I managed to get the Blumat in the pot anyway. It ends in a cone made of clay (I suppose) and has a little tube attached to it.

So the cone goes in the pot with your plants (if it’s a really huge pot, you might need more than one Blumat) and then you need some sort of a container to keep water in. The important thing here is that the water level in the container can’t be higher than the top of the Blumat. This is why on the image you see I use a cut-off plastic bottle as a water source. If I fill it to the brim, the two plants between them would probably finish it in three day or so. Naturally, if I go away for a longer period of time, I will need a bigger container. I could of course use a big bottle, but then I’d have to put the plants on something to raise them.

I paid around 12 EUR for a three-pack of those things (that includes postage) which is about the same you pay for them at You can also look for them on eBay.

Isn’t this better than bugging your neighbors to water the plants? :)