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New website is up!

This is a brief post to celebrate that my new website is finally up. It’s at, just as before, and there’s a brand new blog that comes with it at (easily reachable through the Blog button on my website). Where I previously had two blogs, at and, now both languages happily cohabit in just one blog. All old entries should have been imported and there’s a button at the top if you only want to see the German or only the English entries. Easy peasy!

I also had the ever so lovely Suiki make a new logo for me with a wombat on it. So there, go see my website, this little cute wombat wants you to.

wombat logo


Linkage: Fun Stuff on the interwebs

If life were a video game, that’s how I’d get to work, too:

Gamer Commute on YouTube
(Alternative Link)

Also interesting, this article on the ridiculousness of in-store HDMI cable prices. Or rather, the links in this article, to this lovely HDMI cable for $2,594.75. Read the reviews. Quote:

“When I got this cable, it came wrapped in bacon, which I thought was pretty weird, but shrugged it off, slid off my recliner into my Rascal, scooted from the living room to the kitchenette, and started cooking my bacon-wrapping.

As the smell of delicious pork back filled my double-wide, I turned around to look again at the box the cable came in.

Could this be? Yes! It was a “3 wolves barking at the moon shirt” and even better, it fit me perfectly (I wear an XXXXL).”



Linkage: Printers from Hell

[This should be an image of my printer.]

The type of printer I have. I know you were dying to know.

Do you like printers? Really? Why?

Actually, I do have a nice laser printer that I bought for something like 99,- EUR a year ago. It’s a laser printer/scanner/photocopying machine all in one, and I’m rather pleased with it so far. It ate some paper a while ago and I haven’t had to buy a new (and likely rather expensive) new toner for it yet, so that might be part of why I like it so much.

However, before I had a nice fancy laser printer, I had a typical inkjet printer. It was a good one, actually, and I remember the first few pictures that I printed out in color. They looked really good. But then I didn’t print much in color anymore, and the ink dried up. It also started printing out stripes in normal text, and at some point it refused to print at all half of the time. And anyway, I could go on, but why should I if someone else so nicely put what all is wrong with the printers of the world. Click on the image to see the whole text!

[Printers were sent from hell to make us miserable.]

Click the image to see the whole, very accurate text.


Linkage: Sprite Stitch

I just came across – A video game inspired craft weblog. I’m not very good with arts and crafts myself, but some of this stuff makes me want to take up stitching:

[Sam and Max Cross Stitch]

Or baking:
[Portal inspired cake

Or to pursue knitting more seriously:
[Half Life Scarf]

Go, check out the site at!


Pay-what-you-want marketing experiment

Indie game developer 2D Boy just made an interesting experiment, in which they sold their game World of Goo for whatever price you were willing to pay.

I find this quite interesting from a business standpoint. Considering that most things are freely (if often illegally) available on the internet, I think exploring new marketing strategies is of paramount importance, probably more so for smaller companies than for large companies.

2D Boy wrote an exhaustive blog entry about how the experiment went and they also published an interesting chart on how much people decided to pay:

[Statistic of what ppl paid]

Click for a larger image.

Many people only paid one cent for the game, (16,852 of them), and 15,797 paid between $1 and $2. They even had a questionnaire later on where they asked people to answer why they paid what they paid, and while many said “That’s all I can afford right now” (which I don’t buy for the 1 cent crowd, as I imagine anyone who can download a video game online could probably do without at least $1), many also said they wanted to support the “pay-what-you-want model”, many said they already had it but wanted it for another platform, too. Some said “I’ve played the game but never paid for it, took this opportunity to get legit”.

They also wrote that their sales of the game on Steam rose 40%, which makes me wonder whether maybe some of those that paid 1 cent for the game decided to buy it for the normal price once they tested and liked it.

I also wonder whether the people that only paid $0.01 would have bought/obtained the game through any other means or whether they wouldn’t have been customers any other way.

It’s also interesting to know that 2d Boy made no money on purchases of around 30 cents and under, as they had to pay PayPal for those purchases, too.

“Since the birthday sale started, about 57 thousand people bought World of Goo off our website. The average price paid for the game was $2.03 a significant percent of which went to PayPal for transaction fees. Normally, they keep about 5% of the revenue, but because PayPal fees are structured in a way that they take a larger percentage for smaller transactions, we ended up paying over 13% in transaction fees. For all purchases of around 30 cents and under, we actually saw no money, PayPal took it all, but they probably ended up losing money on most of those transactions ($0.01) as well, they’re not the bad guy.”

At any rate, I suppose this could be a good way to make some money off of a digital “product” few people are buying anymore.


Can I Keep This Pen?

It’s a  little  known fact that I am very fond of office supplies. I like all sorts of pens, but more than that I like blank notebooks to write stuff in. Then, however, I get very picky about what to write in them (unless it’s my diary) and I think they’re almost to cool to be used. Yes, I have issues.

Anyway, as I was browsing earlier today, I came across an interesting (to me, anyway) article called Lifehacker Readers’ Favorite Pens. They sure have some nice pens out there! I especially like the designs that seem small enough to fit in your pocket, like the Zebra F-301 compact, that I haven’t been able to locate in any German stores:

[Zebra F-301]

Zebra F-301

The Fisher Space Pen Bullet also seems cool, if not particularly cheap:

Fisher Space Pen Bullet

After some more googling I came across even more pens, like the Zebra Penpod Mini Keychain Ballpoint Pen:

Zebra Penpod Mini Keychain Ballpoint Pen - Black Body - Blue Ink

Zebra Penpod Mini Keychain Ballpoint Pen (I know, the name is longer than the pen!)

And as any pen lover (I suppose there are some?) will know, it wasn’t long anymore until I discovered the amazing, the incredible, the one and only… Lamy Pico Pocket Size Extendable Ballpoint Pen:

Lamy Pico

Lamy Pico Pocket Size Extendable Ballpoint Pen

My inquiring mind wouldn’t rest until I had checked out how they work on YouTube:

Lamy Pico

(This, as you can imagine, lead me to some pen spinning videos, but I’ll spare you.)

At any rate, the Lamy Pico is 22,90 EUR on German Amazon and 32.95 USD on and around 30 GBP on, and of course the only reason I’m telling you this is because I want you to go out, buy one and then send it to me. Because me, I’m far too stingy to spend all that money on a pen. Besides, I already have a fancy Waterman ballpoint pen that is so exclusive that it came in its own little coffin!

And now if you please excuse me, I still have a lot of work to do

PS: You get 10 points if you know what the title of this post refers to.

09 tells you how to solve PC problems

While I consider myself somewhat computer savvy, I do realize that there are oodles of computer-related things I know nothing about. Or, as a friend of mine would say, “books could be filled with what I don’t know.” However, the secret is now out how people like me manage to solve most of their computer problems by themselves, as is telling the world. I imagine that if you weren’t part of this elect circle yet, you can now become one of us. (“Us” being the pseudo computer savvy people.)