By vannade

Last update: 8 July 2009

Click here for a picture wall of the books I own and still want to read.

These are mostly books I already have and still want to read, but I’m always open to any suggestions you might have. I’ll just start crossing them out as I read them.
Folgendes sind hauptsächlich Bücher, die ich schon habe und noch lesen will. Für alle Vorschläge bin ich aber offen.

  • Bukowski, Charles — The Most Beautiful Woman in Town & other stories
  • Cornwell, Patricia D. — Body Of Evidence
  • Cortázar, Julio — Die Nacht auf dem Rücken
  • DeLillo, Don — Unterwelt
  • Durrell, Gerald — My Family and other Animals
  • Edwards, Betty — Das neue Garantiert Zeichnen lernen
  • Gaar, Gillian G. — She’s a rebel
  • García Márquez, Gabriel — Doce cuentos peregrinos
  • Heker, Liliana — Cuentos
  • Kibuishi, Kazu (Ed.) — Flight Volume 3 (comic)
  • Kibuishi, Kazu (Ed.) — Flight Volume 4 (comic)
  • Martín Gaite, Carmen — Las Ataduras
  • McKee, Robert — Story
  • Parker, Dorothy — La soledad de las parejas
  • Poe, Edgar Allen — Erzählungen
  • Pynchon, Thomas — Vineland
  • Smith, Ali — The Accidental
  • Smith, Zadie – On Beauty
  • Vonnegut, Kurt — Welcome To The Monkey House

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