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Food #001: Breakfast at Iimori

My blog has atrophied for a while now, and I think it’s high time I revive it. Why not revive it as you would a person – with some good food?

On Sunday, we got out of the house early enough in the morning to enjoy a delicious breakfast at Iimori here in Frankfurt. Their weekend breakfast starts at 10am and goes on until 1pm, so I don’t have to tell you what great effort that was. They are located near Dom/Römer, just a few steps behind the Starbucks on the corner.

Iimori's interior

Iimori’s quaint interior. A lopsided view…

Iimori’s interior is quaint, with wooden floors, old wooden furniture, tea boxes standing around and a faux cherry blossom branch on the wall. It’s sunny, too, and in the unusual heat of the day, it got quite warm in there.

Waffle and cappuchino

The perfect waffle. Not too soggy, not too crunchy.


Breakfast is 6.90 EUR, which includes apple juice, cereal, unusual rolls with what I assume to be green tea crust, little croissants, waffles, baked goods with red bean paste, ham, eggs, yoghurt, raisin bread, etc. While this all you can eat buffet may not be as intimidating  big as other buffets, there is quite a lot to choose from, and at the end of your meal, you’re likely to be well satiated without being entirely stuffed.

Baked goods.

You may think my plate is half empty, but it is, in fact, half full.

All in all certainly recommendable!