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Pre-filled wine glasses

I was in a Sainsbury’s in London not long ago and completely amazed by this:

A glass of wine sold by itself.

A glass of wine for around £2.49. Chilled.

In a way, it’s ingenious because it’s for those who want a glass of wine instead of opening a whole bottle. On the other hand, for £2.49 you might already be able to buy a whole bottle. I wonder if you can keep the plastic glasses afterwards. Or is that tacky?

At any rate, this is apparently a “packaging revolution” and will finally put an end to wine being consumed out of a tumbler. Amazing, right?


Oz: Still in Melbourne

It has been forever since I’ve last written into my English blog, as you no doubt noticed, but what can I say? I used to get paid for translating stuff, so I’m not too keen on doing it in my spare time! Well, I’m just too lazy and most of the people following my exciting adventures in Australia do speak German. So you’re out of luck. However, there’s always Babelfish. :D

There isn’t too much to report. I had work for two weeks, earning some money as a milkman (or milklady). It was a cool experience, even though I really wasn’t crazy about the job itself. Instead of delivering milk, I had to go from door to door to try to convince people to get their milk, bread, eggs and other fresh produce delivered. It is a great concept, actually, and it does help Australian farmers and all, but door to door sales aren’t fun when people are mean. Now of course, if everyone were lovely and friendly, it would be a cool job. But some people were mean, like that one woman who just said, “No, no!” before slamming the door shut and who then, AFTERWARDS, put a handwritten note on her fence saying, “No hawking or canvassing.” Like I’d knock on her door twice that same evening. Because my first encounter with her had been so enjoyable. Some people…

However, there were others that were nicer, like the lovely family that made me a hot chocolate while I took their order. The old lady who let me in for tea and biscuits because, according to her, I was “such a nice Irish girl”. The Canadian-born woman who didn’t order anything, but who thought I was Canadian, too. Or the guy with all the Ned Kelly paraphernalia, who ordered something because he pitied me, and who offered me a beer or a cognac, neither of which I accepted. But those people were the nice ones, the ones that made the job fun.

At any rate, I quit when my base wage ran out, as I wasn’t particularly good at selling stuff, so it wasn’t exactly profitable. And now I’m back to square one, looking for another job. Maybe we’ll leave Melbourne by the end of June and have a look at the west coast, see if there are any jobs there, or just travel. Life is good. The world is my oyster, the road is my home.


Rambling: The couch is gone

My sofa. 2003.

My sofa in 2003.

Worn brown leather, two seats. This grainy photo was taken when I first got my very first couch. I got it for free, used, from a family that lived about two blocks away from where I lived. They advertised it at my university. They had a two seater couch and a three seater couch just like it, but I liked the two seater couch. I put an ad up that I was paying 25 EUR to whoever could transport it to my flat, and someone called and two people ended up carrying it all the way, up three flights of chairs. Let me just say, they deserved every cent of that money. I gave them something to drink and we small talked before they left. Then I took this grainy photo with my Pencam [source].

I studied on my couch and I watched movies lying on my couch, and I napped on my couch (often times when I was supposed to be studying) and I had people sleep over on the couch (I wonder if that was comfy) and then I moved my couch to my parents’ house, only to move it to Frankfurt later, where I neglected it.

Then, I met another couch. A friend’s big couch that could be turned into a bed, that was comfortable and had a comfortable back rest and I started thinking, hey, maybe I can better myself and get me one of THOSE couches. Because after all, when you do have people sleep over, it’s cooler to just pull on your couch than to a) pump up your air mattress for 40 minutes and get blisters (or you could, as I do, tell your guests to pump them up so they get the blisters!), or b) switch on the electric pump that makes a loud loud noise for 8 minutes (and therefore probably makes all your neighbors hate you).

The couch in its natural habitat.

The couch in its natural habitat.Click for a larger version.

So, now that I moved, I decided to say goodbye to my couch and instead get a new one in 2011, when I’m back from my travels. I had two people interested in my apartment and they said they would like the couch very much, but then both of them decided against the apartment (and therefore, against the couch) and so my sad little couch had an uncertain future. In the end, I decided to say goodbye and I discarded it (oh, the guilt!) and put it out to the curb for the bulk collection.

Now comes the uplifting part of the story. That’s the part where we left to go to Starbucks, and when we came back, past the curb, the sofa was gone. Someone had taken it to give it a new home, and I can only hope it is a good one. A good home for a good couch. Yes, I dumped it after about seven years, but I’m glad it got rescued and I hope it found a nice home where it is appreciated again.


Rambling: Relocating

I think there's a road under all the snow.

I think there's a road under all the snow.

Yesterday, I completed my relocation to my parents’ house. I gave the keys of my apartment in Frankfurt back to the landlord and so it’s bye bye big city, hello little village. Which is, of course, only a temporary hello, because I will soon leave to go to Sydney, which has 3.6 million inhabitants. Which I think makes it about six times larger than Frankfurt. My home town, just for the record, has about 2,400 inhabitants altogether, which makes it 15,000 times smaller than Sydney. But that’s just by the way.

So we drove back all the way from Frankfurt, and during the last hour of the drive we were plagued with heavy snowfall and later with snow-covered roads. Actually, it was quite pretty, but it’s not the kind of weather you wish for on your way home late at night.

[Alle reden vom Wetter. Wir nicht. (Poster)]

It snowed constantly during the night and in the morning and so today there is snow everywhere and I’m glad I don’t have to leave the house. It should be noted that according to the radio, the Deutsche Bahn has had some major problems and many trains were late and caused the eco-friendly passengers to have to wait in the cold. I think the Bahn should talk about the weather more often.

I have meanwhile put all of my stuff away and while my room here is still a mess, I think it looks a lot better than it did half a week ago. I couldn’t help myself and I documented the mess, for your enjoyment in stereoscopic 3D. If you don’t know how to look at stereoscopic 3D images, you need to learn it. You’re missing out.

My room in stereoscopic 3D.

My room in stereoscopic 3D. Click for a larger version.


Rambling: It’s officially winter

It's awfully cold outside. Thinks the mermaid.

It's awfully cold outside, thinks the mermaid.

After a short, sunny break, Germany has returned to real winter weather. As you can see, it’s cold. The temperatures outside are at -11.9 Celsius (about 11 Fahrenheit), but I keep my room warm (at toasty 73 Fahrenheit) and my little weather station predicts sunshine in the future. Let’s hope it is right. The little smiley face is unhappy today, probably because humidity is at only 22%. In my old apartment, it never fell below 40%, but I can’t say that I actually feel a difference.

Anyway, I am drinking Pickwick tea from Hungary from my Starbucks Anniversary cup. I have moved back in with my parents last week and spent the last four days tidying. It’s quite amazing how much stuff you collect over a year and a half, and it’s tough trying to squeeze the contents of a whole apartment into a single room. Luckily, there’s always the basement. Also, tidying is fun. I’m not really getting rid of much stuff, but my Rolling Stone magazines are now in order (I have a subscription, it’s my favorite magazine) and it’s only a matter of time until they will be neatly organized in my database, along with everything else. I put all my comic books in my MediaMan database today, and when I was done I put in all three of my vinyl records:

My three vinyl records.

My three vinyl records in MediaMan. My database makes me happy.

So, as you might know, in about nine days I will leave Germany and go to Australia with my sister, leaving my parents with all my freshly moved and tidied stuff. I’m actually starting to get slightly nervous about it,  as I don’t know what awaits me there, but let me tell you that the 20 degrees Celsius sound rather appealing right now. We’ll start off in Sydney and hang out there for a while and I suppose we will take a good look at all the impressive sights they have there and possibly also look for work. I’ll try to update my blog regularly with more or less exciting stories and photographs, so watch this space.  Oh, and do feel free to comment.


Chaotic evening with free books

Today, after a long day at work, I wanted to go home and what happened? The subway station was on fire. I’m not making this up. It was a small fire, though, and nobody got hurt, but of course all the trams that did go were packed and so it took me twice as long to get home.

Also, I didn’t go straight home, I stopped by a friend’s house. He’ll be moving soon and was giving away many of his books for free. So I took many of them and gave them a new home:

Of course, I already have plenty of books to read, but I figure, they don’t have a “best before” date, and if I decide I don’t want to read them after all, I can still give them away.


Rambling: Rich and famous

Consider this for a moment. If I had started working at age 20 (which I didn’t), made $3000 a month (which I don’t) and worked until I was 65 (which has yet to be seen), I would throughout the course of my life, earn $1.620.000 (which is about 1.185.354 Euro). Of course, even if I did this, I’d still have to pay rent and spend money on groceries and clothes and, say, toilet paper. So, as a rough estimate, let’s just say that over the course of my working life, I could maybe make $1 million.

Now consider this: Charlize Theron was paid $20 million for wearing a certain watch for a little over a year. So by wearing only watched by a certain brand, Charlize (who I like and have a lot of respect for) could’ve made – in only 14 months – 20 times as much as you make in your whole life. And she didn’t even do it, or at least she’s being sued for the money back because she wore a Dior watch one day. $20 million for wearing a watch! There’s not even work involved!

In other news, Johny Depp received $59.2 million to reprise his role in part four of “Pirates Of The Caribbean”. What a sum, 59.2 millon. They probably said, “Hey, we want you to play in that movie, will you do it for $59 million?” and he said, “$59 million? Cheapskates. How about $60 million?” – “How about $59.2 million?” – “Well, alright.”

$59,200,000 <– just so you know how much that is
-$               1 <– price for about 4 packs of Ramen noodles
$59,199,999 <– “okay, okay, I’ll sign up for part 5, too.”