By vannade

I was born in the beautiful German city of Bayreuth and grew up in a small village nearby among my three older siblings. I studied Technical Communication (English, Spanish, electrical and mechanical engineering) at the University of Hildesheim and now work in the video game industry as a translator.

I already have a website at


1 Response to “About me”

  1. 1 António Manuel Dias
    February 10, 2008 at 2:23 am


    Noticed you have a lot of YouTube videos on the front page of your blog. That has a big annoyance, at least if you are using Firefox (never tried it with any other browser, sorry), as the browser launches a lot of Flash instances, which leads to it becoming too slow or even stop responding. I had the same problem in my own blog (you can read about it here: Of course, it’s not that much of a problem when you follow the blog by RSS :)

    The solution I found to this was to no longer use the embedded YouTube viewer but instead use a picture of the video with a link to the video’s page. You can find the details of this looking at the blogs’s code (or contact me if you don’t want to bother). If you figure out some other way to solve this problem, please drop me a line on the blog above.

    [Feel free to delete this comment, as it is obviously out of topic]

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